Body Percussion



The training in body percussion began with practices just for fun, which were later followed by optional lessons in body percussion with Cadu Souza at Friburgo College (Sao Paulo, Brazil), followed by an invitation from Fernando “Barba” (Barbatuques) to integrate his study group. Since 2006, takes part in the study group, now called FRITOS, and nowadays helps orientating the group’s research.


Classes and workshops are developed and adapted for each type of participant and audience. The various body percussion techniques can be combined to stimulate specific aspects of the practitioners in each group. Works have already been developed for children in summer camps, children with cerebral palsy, public school students, dancers, actors, speech therapists, psychologists and adults of different areas. More …


The body percussion career has been developed in different and complementary ways. Among his works, we can mention participations in TV programs (SBT and RECORD – Brazil), TV ads, experiences in performing arts (video) and practices with body music groups (NOP – Organic and Performative Core).

YOUTUBE Since the first publications of his early body percussion studies on YouTube (link), artists and interested people from several different countries began to get to know his research and get in touch. Some of the videos have nowadays reached 80,000 visits.
IBMF As monitor of the III International Body Music Festival (IBMF), met artists from around the world and could enjoy a rich diversity of researches and techniques. Participated in the IBMF promotional videos (video) and also in the closing show, sharing stage with Barbatuques, Stênio Mendes and Keith Terry.
AGUILA LIGHT participated as a lead artist, shooting a TV commercial in Bogota (Colombia) for Aguila Light beer brand.(video)

QVIVA QViva Guest for the program, directed by Jennifer Lopez,Marc Anthony and Jamie King, participated during the program’s shooting in Montevideo with a solo in body percussion.

STOMP Today is part of the international sensation, percussion group in motion, STOMP, whose work grows out of the music played in unconventional objects (or daily) and the body itself.


As a researcher and artist of this area, puts quite an effort to spread body percussion’s language and techniques, in Brazil and abroad. In the last years, worked also searching and contacting professionals who worked with body percussion, in order to get them closer to each other and develop a network.

Using Facebook made the creation of a discussion group possible, today with more than 400 members, where artists, researchers and interested people publish and share their thoughts and materials. Also publishes articles in several Blogs and websites related to music, sound, body and movement. check the articles…


The body percussion techniques most presented in his works are the techniques inspired and based on the groups Barbatuques and STOMP. One of the main characteristics of the solo research is polirhythms and polimeters (more than one time signature played at the same time). The research also has been developed around group improvisation and strategies in creative processes, working relations between sound and movement.

“…great stuff. I love the crossing ’3′ lines against the groove. Nice playing…” – Luke Cresswell, creator and director of STOMP, talking about the polirhythm performed in the video below.

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