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About the work:

When we work with the body, from the sound and movement point of view, it’s possible to walk in many different directions and, because of that, one of the options we have is to establish a specific frame which will direct the development of the work.

Pesquisa de movimento sepia

Frames and directions:

When planning a course, we can choose several criteria, for example: specific age range (children, teenagers, adults, elder) professional profile (psychologists, teachers, musicians, dancers, actors), purpose (creativity, perception, relaxation, fun) and, for each purpose, different aspects will be developed.

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To illustrate some possibilities, see the following examples: music universe (musicality, rhythm, improvisation, listening), pedagogy universe (dialogue, collectivity, cooperation, communication), performing arts universe (expressivity, creativity, improvisation, sound skills), therapeutic universe (relaxation, perception, sensitivity, consciousness, awareness) and many more.

dsc05084-1 sepia

Ingredients and combinations:

Inside each universe, there are infinite aspects which can be deepened with the development of this work and they don’t belong necessarily to a specific universe. Each of the possible aspects to be worked is like an ingredient, easily transferable to other universes. Thus, the combination of the ingredients can be set up according to each purpose.

3 thoughts on “Courses and Workshops

  1. “The workshop-experience Resonant Body is a place to sharpen music questions, explore the sounds of the body and to devote ourselves to listening.” muito bom, very good Pedro!!

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